A contemporary interpretation of classics and own style

Gaura Pearls produces a wide range of uniquely designed jewellery created from the finest gifts of nature.

Modern jewellery trends lead to new approaches in manufacturing. Gaura Pearls creates classic jewellery with a contemporary look, developing high fashion and luxurious collections.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding world, we develop our own style, which attracts jewellery lovers with its beauty and finesse.

Fashion accessory as a unique item

Creating fashionable and trendy jewellery is a fascinating and time-consuming process. Our Design Team successfully accomplishes this task, owing to creative approach and professionalism.

Working with pearls, semi-precious stones and accessories made of precious metals, we create each product uniquely to emphasize the individuality of a woman, reveal her character or add a touch of mystery.

Having a wide selection of styles, our jewellery will appeal to fashionistas as well as lovers of the classic accessories.

Caring about quality

Natural pearls have a wide array of characteristics; therefore, representatives of the company are personally involved in quality control of raw materials by manually checking thousands of pearl threads on factories in Southeast Asia and Japan. Such a reverent attitude towards quality manifests in all stages of production.

Beauty for special events and in everyday life

From the Birth of Venus painting to the Girl With the Pearl Earring, all over the world the love of pearls has been deep rooted within culture. They make people fall in love with their delicacy, allure and mesmerising simplicity. Today we are creating jewellery in a variety of different styles that young woman and elegant ladies wear with pleasure.

Gala dinner or business breakfast, day at the office or a holiday party, items from our collections will suit both formal events and everyday life.

In-house and custom designs

When creating unique style and developing new collections, Gaura Pearls primarily focuses on current trends in jewellery fashion. Nevertheless, we pay attention to preferences and wishes of our partners and their clients by offering both items that are loved by everyone as well as completely new styles and directions.

Along with the creation of its own collections, Gaura Pearls develops jewellery for individual exclusive orders.